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Get a discount on your membership fee

Provide Van Zijderveld with a club sponsor and the club will reward you with a discount on your membership fee of 10% of the sponsor amount. The discount will be deducted from the next years membership fee up to the maximum amount owed.

Calculation example:
Suppose your contribution is € 290 (membership) + € 140 (competition) fee, so together € 430.

When sponsoring:

  • € 500.00 the discount is € 50.00 and your contribution becomes € 380.00;
  • € 1,000.00, the discount is € 100.00 and your contribution becomes € 330.00;
  • € 2,500.00, the discount is € 250.00 and your contribution becomes € 180.00.

With a sponsorship of € 5,000.00, your membeship for the 2020/2021 season is completely free of charge.
The minimum sponsor amount is € 250.00.

Van Zijderveld offers sponsors National stage

Van Zijderveld can offer sponsors the following publicity and promotion options *):

  • sponsor boards / Roll-Up banners during home games in sports hall De Meerkamp;
  • shirt advertising;
  • sponsoring counting boards;
  • press releases for regional newspapers and Badminton Netherlands (national stage);
  • active social media channels such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;
  • naming of the Van Zijderveld National Junior Masters;
  • sponsoring jobs at tournaments, announcer calls the name of the company;
  • mention via banners on the website and in periodic digital newsletters.

*) etc. depending on the sponsor amount involved, and further agreements with the board. Of course, other options are also negotiable.

For information and sponsor opportunities, please contact Jurjen Douma jr,

This sponsorship campaign runs until August 1, 2021.