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Badminton during partial lockdown

Dear Members,

The national government has tightened up corona measures with a partial lockdown to reduce infections. The national measures took effect on Wednesday 14 October at 10 p.m. In the weeks to 27 October, the cabinet will assess what is needed for the period thereafter.

Consequences for our association

For badminton this means that the league competition has been stopped. A maximum of 30 people may be simultaneously present in sports hall De Meerkamp. In order to comply with the distance of 1.5 meters between people, only singles-play is possible (men-single / women-single or men-against-lady singles). For our association this means that a maximum of 18 people can play simultaneously (9 courts x 2 people).

In General

AmstelveenSport points out that for indoor sports accommodations such as "De Meerkamp", a masking obligation applies in the public space up to the sports hall! (for example in the entrance hall and the corridor to the sports hall).

What do the measures mean for youth, senior training and recreation?

In consultation with the technical committee, the board has taken the following additional measures to be able to continue playing badminton during the coming period with stricter corona measures.


Monday and Thursday (start: 10:00 am): Recreationalists without instruction - point of contact Hans Bouter.

The participants of this senior group may only play a single. However, with 9 courts available, this group has sufficient space and no additional measures are required for the time being.


Monday (5:00 pm), Wednesday and Friday (5:30 pm): Youth training - by Joshua and Dionne.

For the time being, there is no restriction in group size for young people up to the age of 18 according to the NOC / NSF. In addition to the existing rules, the training will now stop 10 minutes earlier to get some space with the starting times of the seniors.
The playing times will now be: Monday from 5:00 PM to 6:20 PM and Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 PM to 6:50 PM.
We urge parents to pick up their child on time. Parents are still not allowed in the sports hall. Children can be met at the back of the sports hall.


Monday and Thursday (start: 6:30 pm): Training 1st to 5th division - training by Rick Prins.

Rick divides the training group over Monday and Thursday in consultation with the players. Rick and the players further coordinate this with each other via Whatsapp.


Wednesday and Friday (start: 7:00 pm): Training 6th division and below - training by Joshua Tan.

Joshua and Dionne divide the training group over Wednesday and Friday in consultation with the players. Each participant can come and train once a week.

Action participants
Members of this training group are requested to indicate which evening they prefer by Monday 19 October. This can be done by sending an email to Tuesday, October 20, Dionne and Joshua make a classification and inform the participants.


Wednesday and Friday (start: 8:30 pm): Recreational training and free play - Wednesday training by Roland Pereboom.

On both evenings the playing time is divided into two blocks of 40 minutes.

The game intervals are:

  • from 8:30 PM to 9:15 PM;
  • from 9:25 PM to 10:10 PM.

A maximum of 18 people can participate per interval and only single-play is allowed. A maximum of 30 people may be present in the sports hall at all times. So stop in time and leave the sports hall to make room for the next group.

Action participants
Book your participation in the recreational training (Wednesday) or free play evening (Friday) via the Woosh! App. Note: there are a maximum of 18 places available per play block and full = full. To give as many members as possible the opportunity to play, 1 reservation per person per evening is possible.

The reservation system Woosh! App, made available by Badminton Netherlands, can be downloaded from the Android Playstore or Apple Appstore. On the PC, Woosh! is available at .


The board hopes in this way that we can still continue to practice our beloved sport with some pleasure and that we all get through this time well.

Stay healthy!

On behalf of the Board,

Jurgen Douma Jr.